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  • Automated marketing systems help unify the marketing strategies of multi-locational organizations. 
  • Lead management systems ensure all locations receive communications promptly and return data results to the marketing team for evaluation. 
  • Efficient lead routing helps your sales team contact new leads within minutes. 
  • Closing the loop is foundational to data collection, so you can target future leads using strategies that work. 
  • First-party data is the most reliable and effective type of information.


Marketing for brands with multiple locations is hard. You have to generate leads, turn them into customers, turn those customers into repeat customers, and try to maintain a unified voice across your network all at the same time. Impossible, right? Well, think again. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a network of franchisees, a distribution or dealer network, or a business with multiple locations, marketing automation may be the solution for you.

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